Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Easy Signature tag

This tutorial was written by Kelli on 01/06/10.
Do not copy this tutorial or post through any kind of group or claim it as your own.Resemblance to any other tutorial is strictly coincidental.This tutorial was written using psp12, but should work using any version.It is written assuming you have a basic knowledge of PSP and its tools.

Supplies Needed:

~ The Scrap kit By Designs by Brandi
Called Honeybunch
it Can be purchased HERE
Its a fantastic kit! One of my favorites!
Here is a zip of supplies if you want to download it.
~font of choice I used Kingthings Slipperylip

you can download it HERE


1.Open a new image about 600 pixels by 600 pixels,
2.Open your font and minimize it.
Open your supplies in psp and resize them as needed.
Grab your font tool
and set your foreground to a paper of choice, and your background
as another background paper.
3. Type your name and use the nodes to make it as large as you desire.Depending on the size of your name or text
you may need to resize your canvas.
4.Go to selections, select all selections float, selections defloat,
selections modify contract x 2.
5.Now add an inner bevel or an eye candy glass.Select none.
6. Open the flower border and resize it x 35% Depending on the number of letters in your name you will need to either resize it bigger or smaller.
Paste it as a new layer and position it just below your name.
7.Now open one of the hearts. Resize it as before this time by 50% Copy and paste it as a new layer on top of your name layer.Position it right on top of your name.
Ok, So now we need to be able to see the name under the heart.So lower the opacity of the heart layer to about 50% so you can see the name layer but you can still see the heart also Now move the heart up so you can see your curly inside the hole in the heart.
10.Now grab your selecti0n tool.Now Make a selection with your free hand selection tool set to freehand, select the part of the name that you want to be threaded through the heart. Go to your layer pallette and right click on the name layer,promote the selection to layer,move the promoted selection to the top.Select none.
11.Now go back to your heart layer and increase the opacity back to 100%,Now you have threaded your name through your heart,Isnt that cool!
12.Now open one of the tags,Resize it as desired (I resized it by 50%)Now copy it as a new layer.Drag it below your name layer.Rotate tag to the left x 20 degrees. Now once the tag is where you want it you are gonna make it look like one of the curlies is hugging the tag.So like we did before,Lower the opacity of the tag so you can see both layers and make a selection like we did before.Promote the selection on the name layer again and right click the promoted selection and move it below the tag layer.Now go back to the name layer and hit delete on your keyboard to delete the part of the name you have selected.Change the opacity back to 100% and select none.
14.Merge visible.
15.Now go to selections and select all, then go back and select float and again go back and choose defloat Now go to image and crop to selection This will crop your tag and get rid of all the excess canvas.
16.Go to file and save as.Find where you want to save it and make sure to save it as a png.So that it will have a transparent background.And your done!
~Thanks for trying my tut!
Hugs from Kel

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