Thursday, July 22, 2010

Naughty or nice

This Tutorial was written by Kelli on 12/06/06 and last edited on 07/22/10.Do not copy it or post it through any group or claim it as your own.You may post a link back to my blog, and it would be greatly appreciated.Resemblance to any other tut is strictly coincidental.
This tutorial was written using psp 9 but should work using any other version.It is written assueming you have a basic knowledge of psp and its tools.
Please do not use any tues you do not have a license to use.Thank you.
Supplies needed:
These were all provided by P.Ann.I have included her tou in my zip file.
Please follow her tou.Thank you.
If you like her tubes please check out this forum, Escape from Reality,
Here you will find everthing you could want to psp. However you dont have to be a psper to join, and we have some of the best taggers on the net!There is something for everyone!
When you apply to join tell them Kelli sent you!
This file also includes the font I used
Ok ready to get started?
1. Open the frame.
2. Open one of the backgrounds provided, I chose background number 3.
Copy it and go back to your frame,Grab your magic wand and click inside all three frames, go to selections and expand x 3.Add a new layer and paste into selection.Deselect.
3. Open the tubes supplied or 2 of your choice.If your using the ones I supplied, you will need to resize them x 75%. Copy and paste them as new layers below your frame layer.When your happy with the placement merge them together.
4.Make the frame layer active, grab your magic wand agin and click inside the two end frames. Expand the selection x 3 click invert and activate the tube layer, hit delete on your get rid of the parts of the tube outside your frames.Noe activate your frame layer again and click inside the middle frame, activate your tube layer again and expand your selection again and hit delete again on your keyboard.Add a drop shadow to the frame layer and to the tube layer also.Merge these two layers.
5.Now add your © info.
6.Open the three christmas ornaments, resize them x 50% twice, copy and paste them above your frame layer,paste them as desired. the 2 bows and resize them x 50% once,copy and paste them as new layers and position them as desired, once happy with them, add a drop shadow to each of them and merge all the elements again, resize this layer once more this time x 85%.
8.Open the words supplied, these are the psd'd and each letter is on a separate lyer for you.If you would prefer to use a different font thats ok too.If using the lettters supplied, resize each by 85% and sharpen each.I also added a drop shadow to each letter.Paste them on top of the frame layer, and position them as desired, merge visible when happy with the placement.
9.Select all select float selections defloat, go to image and crop to selection.This will get rid of alll the excess canvas around your tag.
Save it as a png for use as needed.
10 Now just type your name.I have supplied a font but if you have one you like better thats ok too.
The size i used for my font is 60.Then I added the same drop shadow.
Save as a png.
Thanks for trying my tut!I would love to see your results!
I hope you are happpy with your results!
Hugs from Kel

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