Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oh Canada!

This tutorial was written by Kelli on 11/11/09.
Do not copy this tutorial or post through any kind of group or claim it as your own.
Resemblance to any other tutorial is strictly coincidental.
This tutorial was written using psp 9, but should work using any version. It is written assuming you have a basic knowledge of PSP and its tools. Supplies Needed:
~ The Scrap kit By Artlor Designs
called "Proud Canadian"
it Can be purchased
you can check out her blog HERE
~A tube of choice.I used a tube by Ted Hammond
You need a license to use his work.You can get one at CILM
~2 Fonts of choice

1. Open a new image 600 x 600 pixels.
Add a new layer and go to selections, select all.
2.Open a paper of choice and resize it to 600x600.Copy it and paste it into selection on your working image.
3.Open the frame from the kit, crop the excess canvas away and resize it to 900 pixels at its largest side, Now reize it again, this time, make it 35%.Copy and paste it as a new layer, Rotate it x 20 degrees to the left.
4.duplicate it and resize the duplicate x 75%
Mirror it, position both of the frames as desired, sharpen both of them and add a drop shadow of choice.
5.Open one of the lace ribbons,
crop away the excess canvas and resize it to 600 pixels wide. Copy it and paste it as a new layer,
Position it at the top of the image,
so only the lower scallops are visible, duplicate it an flip, position them both as desired,when hapy with the placement, merge down, duplicate and rotate x 90. merge down ao you have the 4 sides on one layer, duplicate it and merge down again.
6.Make one of the frame layers the active layer, grab your magic wand an cick inside it, expand the selection x 2, open another paper, resize it to 600 pixels, copy and paste it into selection, repeat on the other frame. Select none.
7.Paste your tube as a new layer, position as desired,
add a drop shadow.Add the copywright info.
8.add the elements of choice,
add a drop shadow to each of them.
9.Grab your text tool and type the text of choice, I tyed"Oh Canada"
Add your favorite text effects.
10. Choose another font and type your name and add your favorite text effects.
11. Save it as a jpeg.
Thanks for trying my tut!
Hugs from Kel

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