Sunday, October 25, 2009

American Beauty

This tutorial was written by Kelli on 10/25/09.Do not copy this tutorial or post through any kind of group or claim it as your own.Resemblance to any other tutorial is strictly coincidental.This tutorial was written using psp 9, but should work using any version.It is written assuming you have a basic knowledge of PSP and its tools.

Supplies Needed:
~ The Scrap kit By Ms. Witchypoo Designs
Called StarsnStripes
it Can be purchased HERE
you can check out her blog HERE
~Tube of choice
I used A tube by Keith Garvey.
You must purchase a license to use his work.You can get one at MPT
~2 Fonts of choice
~eye Candy 4000 Grad glow(optional)


1. Open the paper of choice.Resize it to 500 pixels.Copy and passte it as a new image.Close the original.
2.Open one of the brads, I chose the red one.Resize it to 500 pixels.Copy it and paste it as a new layer.
3.Open element6.Resize, and copy and paste it ontop of the brad.
4.Open element 1resize it and paste it as a new layer.Grab your magic wand tool, and click inside one of the frameson the layer you just pasted. Open one of the papers, resize it to 300 pixels, copy it.Go back to your new tag Make a new raster layer and paste into selection.Select none. Duplicate it three timesMove it the duplicated layers to the rest of the frames.They should be under the red frame layer.I used 2 different papers. 5.Open ele 3 (the flag.)Resize it and copy and paste it. You want it to be really small.Rotate it to the left by 40 degrees.
6.Now open he yellow support ribbon or one of the other ribbons.resize it and copy and past it onto your tag image,position it in the bottom corner of your flag element.
. Now open the red rose, the babies breath and the leeaf, resize all od them to the desired size.I resized all of them to 50 pixels and then resized them again x 75%.Paste them onto your tsg, you may have to resize more,position them how you wwant them to look together,merge them together, duplicate the merged layer, resize it x 85 degrees.Duplicae again and resize again.Position all three layers how you want them and merge them again.So you can position them as one layer. 8.Grab your preset shapes tool, background null,dorsnt matter what color you have as the foreground color.Draw a circle as big as the brad. 9.Dont convert it, grab your text tool, find your chosen scripty font andhover your mouse over the new elipse until you geet the little A icon with the little half circle under it,Type "American Beauty",you may have to add some spaces in front of the text to get the tex where you want it.When it is positioned in the spot you want it go to your layer pallete, click the + sign beside the vector layer, hide the elipse layer, then convert it to a raster layer,Apply your favorite text effects, I did a grad glow,but if you dont have eye candy you can just add a drop shadow.
10.Paste your tube as a new layer, apply a drop shadow of choice, dont forget your copywright.
11.Now select your text tool again and type your name with a different font.Add the same text effects from before.
12.Open the red and blue hearts, resize them, copy and paste them onto your tag.Merge them together,Position them as desired.
13.Save as a jpeg.

Thanks for trying my tut!Hugs from Kel

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