Friday, June 26, 2009

Lilac Dreams

This tutorial was written by Kelli on 7/21/08.
Do not copy this tutorial or post through any kind of group or claim it as your own.
Resemblance to any other tutorial is strictly coincidental.

This tutorial was written using psp 9, but should work using any version.
It is written assuming you have a basic knowledge of PSP and its tools.

Supplies Needed:
~Font of Choice
~The Scrapkit I used is called Lilac Dreams.By Honored Scraps.
You Can purchase it here :

you can check out her blog here:


1. open a new canvas 500x500~ Transparent.

2.Open a paper of choice,Resize it to 500x500 and paste it as a new layer.

3.Open the buckle, or ribbon of choice. Position at top,Resize as desired.Duplicate and go image flip. Position as desired, Merge down. Add a drop shadow of choice.

4.Open the frame of choice,Resize and position as desired,Add a drop shadow to it.

5.Open the bead swirl,paste as a new layer and resize to a useable size.position it in a corner of the frame,When happy with it, add a drop shadow,of choice.Duplicate and go image mirror.Position in the other corner.Merge down the two bead swirls now.Duplicate and go image, flip.Position and then merge down again so all 4 bead swirls are on the same layer. Move this layer under the frame layer.

6.Hide that layer,Grab your magic wand.Click inside the frame layer.Go to selections and expand the selection x 2.

7.Open your tube or image of choice,I used a pic of my daughter,Resize it and paste as a new layer.Position as desired,When happy with the placement,Go to selections and go invert,Then hit delete on your keyboard,Select none.

8.Open the elements of choice,Paste as a new layer and position as desired.Add a drop shadow to each element layer.

9.Grab your text tool,select your font and add your text at this time.I added a glow to mine,using eyecandy 4,I am sure you have your favorite,text effects.So add whatever effects you prefer.Add any copywright that is needed now,and add your watermark now if desired.

10.Now to animate,With your magic wand,click inside the part of the tag,that you want to add the glitter too,I wanted the Heart to be animated,I had to click several times insidethe heart to select it.

11.Now duplicate the animated layer twice so you have three layers.Hide the two duplicated layers.On the original layer,go to adjust and add noise,My setttings were33,uniform and monomcrome checked.

12.Hide the layer you just added noise to,Unhide the first duplicated layer,add noise to this layer, changing the amount of noise to 36.

13.Now hide that layer,And unhide the second duplicated layer,add noise to that layer also,changing the amount of noise to 39.

14.With the oter two layers still hidden,Go copy merged and paste in animationshop as a new animation.

15.Back in psp,hide the second duplicted layer and,unhide the first duplicated layer,go copy merged,Return to animation shop and paste after current layer.

16.Now go back to psp,Hide that layer and unhide theoriginal layer and go copy merged,paste it in animation shop after current layer.

17.View animation,and save.

Thanks for trying my tutorial!

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