Friday, June 26, 2009

learn to dance

This tutorial was written by Kelli on 8/27/08.
Do not copy this tutorial or post through any kind of group or claim it as your own.
Resemblance to any other tutorial is strictly coincidental.
This tutorial was written using psp 9, but should work using any version.
It is written assuming you have a basic knowledge of PSP and its tools.
Supplies Needed:
~Font of Choice
~Word art of chioce(Or phrase of choice)
~Tube of choiceI am using Suzanne Woolcott
~The Scrapkit I used is called Creamsicle.By Honored Scraps.
You Can purchase it here :
you can check out her blog here:
Open the supplies you are going to useAnd if desired colorize to match the tube.
1. open a new canvas 500x500~ White.2.
Paste the frame of choice,as a new layer.Click inside it with your magic wand.Go to selections and modify expandx5.
3.Paste your paper of choice,and go selections invert,then hit delete on your keyboard to get rid of the paper that is showing outside your frame.
4.Click on your frame layer and add a drop shadow of your choice.
5.Open your tube of choice,Resize to fit inside your frame,so it has enough room to dance.I resized this tube by 65%.
6.Now go ahead and add the elements of choice,and word art,And your name along with the text effects of choice. above the frame layer,and add your © and watermark.
7.Go back to your tube layr,Duplicate it .Hide the duplicated layer.Move the first one to the far side of your frame,position her kind of hidden behind the frame layer,use your lasso tool to select any part of the tube that is showing outside of the frame.Make sure the tube layer is active and hit delete.
8.Unhide the second tube layer andgo image mirror.Move it slightly to the side of the original tube layer.
9.Duplicate the second tube layer and repeat the above step.Repeat steps 9 and 10until you have 5 tube layers.
10.Now we are gonna make her dance.Hide all the duplicated tube layers,and copy merged.Paste in animation shop as a new animation.
11.go back to psp and hide the first layer,and unhide the second tube layer,copy merged and paste it in animation shop after the current layer.
12.Still in Animation shop,Go to edit and select all,Duplicate selected.Now you have 4 layers.Click on the 4th layer to make it the current layer.
13.Go back to psp and hide the second tube layer unhide the third tube layer, copy merged and paste in animation shop after current layer.Still in animation shop,Click on the second frame and copy it.Click on the last frame and paste after current layer(This should be your 6th frame now)
14.Now go back to psp and making sure the third tube layer is still the active layer,Rotate it to the left x 20 degrees.(Image,rotate,free rotate) Copy merged and paste it inanimation shop after the current layer.
15.Back in psp,undo the rotate and copy merged again.Paste it in animation shop after current layer(this is the 8th frame in animation shop)
16.back to psp,hide the third tube layer,unhide the forth tube layer and copy merged.Paste it in animation shop after current layer.
17.Go back to psp and rotate the forth layerto the right x 20 degrees.Copy mergedand paste it in animation shop.
18. Go back to psp and undo the rotate,copy merged and paste in animation shop after current layer.
19.Back in psp hide the forth layer and unhide the fifth layer.Copy merged,and paste in animation shop after current layer.(this should be your 12th frame)
20.Still in animation shop,Go to edit and select all.Now go to animation, animation properties,And change the speed to 45.
View animation and save.
Thanks for trying my tutorial!

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